GBAx is a brand that produces durable and creative products while staying true to our skateboarding lifestyle roots. Over the past twelve years GBA has evolved in many ways, we realized one lane may just not be enough for us, thus reaching our final stage.

GBAx is here to represent the core skateboarding lifestyle, with a hustlers vibe that more than just a skater could relate too.

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Interview with the Street Kingpins App

Laroi Wright and Andrew Sixberry recently did an interview with Ian Smith from the Street Kingpins App. Click the link below to read the full article, and download the app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store and earn yourself some free products!


in Andrew Sixberry's words

In 2007, at 16 years old, I created a brand originally called GBA Skateboards, in a small city in Florida called Satellite Beach. My main goal was to get kids my age off the streets and give them something to do like Skateboarding. While also trying to eliminate the stigma behind most skaters being a moral-less, destructive, lost soul looking to rebel. The name popped out to us immediately,  Guilty By Association.

By 2010 GBA Skateboards had been on 4 nationwide tours, spanning over 25 states, hitting hundreds of skate parks and some legendary spots. We backpacked products at every stop, an even got to hang a skateboard in Brewce Martin's Skateboard Museum at Skatopia!
In 2012, We evolved into GBA Industries, Expanding into the hip-hop music industry by signing three rappers from Brevard County, Florida and readjusting our focus on apparel, accessories and even a few mixtapes.
The next three years were spent focusing more on the apparel side of things, meaning bigger in-house printers. We moved from Florida to South Carolina and started a screen printing business. Starting out we had to focus on covering the higher overhead, so we started printing for other small businesses and only collaborating with a few small companies out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

By mid 2016 we decided to relocate again, this time to Colorado. 

One of my first team riders and family friend, Laroi Wright, reached out mid 2018 and suggested a few ideas to re-spark the fire. He moved out to Colorado, we redid the business plan, and figured out a more efficient way to print higher quality designs. Stay tuned because the rest is

History in the making!
-Andrew Sixberry (CEO)